How To: Buy PokerStars Play Money

This is the web site where you can Buy extra chips for your PokerStars Play Chip account. Buy PokerStars Play money to play in higher stakes PokerStars Play Chips games and learn faster by playing against the better players. PokerStars has some really good players, so buy Poker Star chips and take the challenge and learn how to WIN. Buy PokerStars Chips HERE.

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PokerStars is now selling their own Play Chips; therefore,
you can now purchase Play Chips from PokerStars.

USE THE FOLLOWING PROCEDURES: facebook (recommended)

  1. Using your facebook account, you can search inside fb for pokerstars app.
  2. Do not created a new account, just use your existing account, as you want to play on PokerStars outside of fb.
  3. Once you find the app, log in as you would outside fb, then, everytime you log into fb, your are logging into app, if the app is not on your page, use fb search and search "PokerStars" and the app will be loaded onto your fb page.
  4. Once the app is loaded you can now log into pokerstars, then everytime you log into fb, you are logging into ps.
  5. Inside fb and running, you will be able to buy PokerStars Play Chips
  6. The fb app is still lousy; therefore, buy inside fb, log off fb, and play as normal.


  1. The second method is within, as most American know, they were forced to download the .net application on Black Friday. You can buy Pokerstars Play Chips in the cashier.
We prefer the first method (fb). Facebook shopping cart is much more secure. You can download now.
You should UnInstall .net if you are running, and go to and download .com which has much richer features.
---------- Thank you, Have fun ~ChipsIII. ----------

Any questions, send email through chat with Phone Number ... and I will call and try to explain ...


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PPA Executive Director John Pappas traveled to California to meet with the state’s lawmakers regarding their push for Internet poker. While in Sacramento, Pappas also met with other leading stakeholders, including Indian tribes and state regulated card rooms, to discuss the prospects of legislation passing this year. Currently, the state has one full bill pending, SB 51, and a placeholder bill introduced as well. Read complete PPA update ...
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Currently you can Buy PokerStars Play Chips:

  1. Using Live Chat, Buy PokerStars Play Money:

Live Transactions Using LIVE Help!

Open our Live Help link and you can Buy PokerStars Play Chips using this feature. Selling and buying PokerStars play money takes place in Live Chat only. Stay online until the transaction is completed.

Buy PokerStars chips - Open our LIVE Help link and buy PokerStars chips using this feature. Any questions on how to Buy PS Play Chips will be answered during live chat. Keep the live chat session open until the transaction is completed to your satisfaction. Buy PokerStars play money for your gaming fun and entertainment.

  1. Log into your PokerStars account and take a seat at a Play Chip Table. We have to search for your ID.
  2. Click on Live Chat Support - this site:
  3. Buy PokerStars chips through Live Chat Help when online:
  4. Process Funds and Payment over Internet through the shopping cart:
  5. Verify transfer of PokerStars Play Money to your account with Live Chat Operator.
  6. Close Live Chat - you are done.

Thank you for Buying PokerStars chips, ~ ChipsIII!